Marc Bernier, Sask Polytech Audio Visual Technician at Telemiracle
Marc Bernier, Sask Polytech Audio Visual Technician at Telemiracle

Sask Polytech helps make miracles happen

Media Arts Production gets hands-on experience at Telemiracle

For more than 20 years, Saskatchewan Polytechnic has been turning learning opportunities into miracles as students, faculty, staff and alumni participate behind the scenes at Telemiracle.

"Media Arts Production students are able to work in various roles alongside industry practitioners in the largest, and longest, live production in the province," says Kevin Mahlberg, program head for the applied and visual media programs. "Not only do students get to help an amazing cause but they also experience the importance of teamwork while developing relationships - networking - with industry peers."

Those who participate are responsible for a variety of production tasks from camera work to sorting out cables, for the entire 20-hour event. It's a lot of work and a long day, but those who participate keep coming back to do it again, year after year. 

"Every year is kind of like a homecoming where there is an opportunity to get reacquainted with graduates as well as other production personnel from previous Telemiracles," says Mahlberg. 

According to Marc Bernier, staff from the AV Services Department and long-time Telemiracle crew member, says the learning opportunities are endless.

"It gives students the opportunity to participate in a local event and to feel the whole experience," says Bernier. "This event, is one that not only you can learn from, but meet contacts from all over the country and have a chance to operate equipment where there are no retakes - it's all live so what happens, happens."

But, Bernier says, those that participate don't just do it for the learning experience, they do it for the life experience as well. 

"It's really hard to explain. There's just so much happening and you might have your producer talking in your ear and you're trying to get that perfect camera shot, well it gets crazy. But when you see the recipients come out on stage and talk about how they've benefitted from Telemiracle, it makes it all worth it."