Sask Polytech's winter festival celebrates Aboriginal culture and heritage

Students and staff set to participate in the 3rd Annual Aboriginal Relay Challenge

March 16, 2015 - Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Prince Albert Campus ASAP Winter Festival begins tomorrow, March 17. The noon hour festivities focus on raising awareness about First Nation and Métis traditions.


The first day includes a pipe ceremony hosted in the Academic Building, followed by an opening prayer and hoop dancing in the Technical Building cafeteria at noon.

Day two includes the 3rd Annual Aboriginal Relay Challenge taking place outdoors on the front lawn in front of the Technical Building. Students and staff, gathered in teams of 11, are set to demonstrate the arts and skills of early inhabitants by reliving day-to-day tasks that were important for survival in the North.

The timed challenge starts with a pack haul with competitors carrying a weighted backpack. The next leg of the race involves a squat jump followed by the ring and pin toss. Team members then compete in a freight haul, pulling a 20 lb. sack of flour in a sleigh, followed by a two-person canoe carry and then snowshoeing. The stationary events include log cutting, a log toss and a log cross. The final leg of the race is a fire starting event in which competitors have to bring water to a rolling boil using materials provided, including kindling, matches, a bottle of water and a tin can.

The final day of the festival includes soup and bannock prepared by the cooking students, a drumming presentation and traditional art and crafts display. The arts and crafts will be on display in the campus library.

The event is hosted through Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan (ASAP). ASAP promotes Aboriginal culture and awareness at campuses across the province.

Media are invited to attend.

Event: ASAP Winter Festival
March 17
11 a.m. Pipe Ceremony (Academic Building) 
12 p.m. Opening Prayer - Elder Edward Daniels; Hoop Dancers

March 18
12 p.m. Introduction - Jason Seright, Director, Aboriginal Strategy
3rd Annual Aboriginal Relay Challenge events: 
Canoe carry, snowshoeing (Rabbit Run), pack haul, log cutting, sled pull, log toss, squat jump, log cross, ring and pin, fire/water boil

March 19
12 p.m. Team Awards, Soup and Bannock, Drummers, Art and Craft Display (Library)

Location:  Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Prince Albert Campus - Technical Building Cafeteria, 1100 15th St E, Prince Albert SK


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