Financial Services is a highly skilled and knowledgeable team that assists with Sask Polytech's evolving clients' needs. Our focus is on delivering enhanced customer support and  quality professional services - a focus that promotes continuous improvement, timely and accurate information, advanced analysis, and management tools that support informed decision making - all of which helps to promote and support Saskatchewan Polytechnic's strategic agenda.

Financial Services is a key support in addressing the strategic challenges related to securing adequate and stable operating and capital funding, accurate programming fiscal planning and ensuring agile, as well as short and long-term enterprise planning.

Our division is responsible for a broad range of services that provides functional support to key internal stakeholders such as students, faculty, staff administrators, senior management and the Board of Directors, and various external stakeholders including the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration, other government and non-government agencies, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic's external auditors including the provincial auditor.


  • Financial Operations
    • Financial Accounting & Project Management
      Accounts Payable, Financial Reporting, Fixed Assets and Treasury & Grants
    • Payroll Systems & Services
    • Revenue & Receivables
  • Financial Planning
    • Client Support & Financial Analysts
  • Strategic Procurement
    • Purchasing & Materials Management and Shipping & Receiving