Policies and Procedures


  Number Policy Procedure
Academic Authorities Grid 101 pdf pdf
Academic Freedom 102 pdf  
Admissions 103 pdf  
Changes to Sask Polytech Admission Requirements and Selection Criteria 104 pdf  
Continuing Education Operations 105 pdf  
Credentials 114 pdf  pdf
Dual Credit 118 pdf  
Evaluation of Student Learning 119 pdf  pdf
External Program Review for Degree Programs 107 pdf  
Faculty Preparation and Development 108 pdf  
Inventions and Technology Transfer 109 pdf  pdf
Professional Affiliate Appointments 111 pdf  
Program Advisory Committees 112 pdf  
Program Council 113 pdf  
Program Review 115 pdf  
Recognition of Prior Learning:  PLAR and Transfer Credit 116 pdf  pdf
Use of Copyrighted Materials 117 pdf  

Advancement and Alumni

Donor Recognition 201 pdf  
Gift Acceptance 202-G  pdf  
Prospect Management 203 pdf  
Sponsorship and Advertising 204-G pdf  
Trust and Endowment Management 205 pdf  


Institutional Space Allocation and Management 301 pdf  
Real Property - Acquisition and Disposal 302-G  pdf  
Use of Saskatchewan Polytechnic Equipment and Resources 303 pdf  
Use of Saskatchewan Polytechnic Facilities and Grounds 304  pdf  pdf
Alcohol on Saskatchewan Polytechnic Premises 305 pdf pdf


Capital Asset Amortization 401 pdf  
Collection and Write-Off of Accounts Receivable 402 pdf  
Entertainment and Hospitality Expenses 403  pdf  
Fixed Asset Capitalization Limit 404  pdf  
Fleet Vehicle Usage 415 pdf  
Fraud Prevention and Reporting  405  pdf  
Internal Audit Function 406-G  pdf pdf
Internally Restricted and Unrestricted Operating Surplus 407-G  pdf  
Investments 408-G  pdf  
Non-Audit Services 409-G  pdf  
Operating and Capital Budgets 410-G  pdf  
Procurement  413-G pdf pdf
Timesheet Completion 412  pdf  
Travel Allowances - Vehicle, Lodging, Meals and General Expenses 411  pdf  
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Asset and Materials Disposal 414 pdf  

General Administration

Board Authorities Grid 504a-G pdf pdf
Corporate Agreements 501 pdf  
Enterprise Risk Management 502-G  pdf  
Institutional Review for Degree Programs and Services 509  pdf  
Legal Services 503  pdf  
Management Authorities Grid 504-b pdf  pdf
Parking 505  pdf pdf
Policy Development and Administration 506-G  pdf pdf
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Corporate Seal 507  pdf  
Strategic Planning and Annual Budget Process 508-G  pdf  

Health and Safety

Harassment 601 pdf  
Health and Safety 602  pdf  
Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence 605  pdf pdf
Video Surveillance 603  pdf  
Violence 604  pdf  

Human Resources

Absentia of President/CEO and Saskatchewan Polytechnic Senior Managers 701  pdf  
Code of Conduct 703  pdf  
Conflict of Interest 704  pdf  
Education and Employment Equity 705  pdf  
Employee Complaints 706  pdf  
Employee Credentials 707  pdf  
Employee Leave for Graduation 708 pdf  
New Appointees and Out-of-Scope Employees Relocation Allowances/Expenses 709  pdf  
Out-of-Scope Deferred Salary Leave Plan 710  pdf pdf
Professional Development - Out-of-Scope Employees 711  pdf  
Reasonable Accommodation 712 pdf   
Recruitment Agency Use 713  pdf  
Retirement 714  pdf  
Retirement and Long Service Recognition 715  pdf  
Salary Administration (Out-of-Scope Staff) 716  pdf pdf
Selection of Employees 717  pdf  
Smoking 719  pdf  
Temporary Performance of Higher Duties by Out-of-Scope Employees 718  pdf  
Vacation - Out-of-Scope 702  pdf  

Information Management

Appropriate Use of Information Technology Services 801  pdf  
Data Management 802  pdf  
Desktop Computer Evergreen 803  pdf  
Electronic Communication Services 804  pdf  
External Application and Data Hosting 805  pdf  
Information Technology Security 806  pdf  
Mobile Communication Devices Usage 807  pdf  
Mobile Device Access  808  pdf  
Record Retention and Disposal  809  pdf  


Internationalization 901 pdf  

Research and Scholarly Activity

Applied Research Integrity 1101  pdf  
Ethics of Research Involving Human Participants  1102  pdf  
Applied Research Administration 1103 pdf pdf
Recovery of Indirect Costs of Applied Research 1104 pdf pdf
Use of Animals in Teaching and Research 1105 pdf pdf

Student Services

Academic Progress 1202 pdf pdf
Academic Accommodation for Students in the Reserve Forces 1201 pdf  
Audit Students 1203  pdf  
Confidentiality of Personal Information and Records of Applicants and Students 1204  pdf  
Grade Appeal  1207  pdf pdf
Grading System and Student Promotion 1208  pdf pdf
Smudging, Pipe Ceremonies and other Aboriginal Ceremonial Use of Smoke 1215  pdf  
Student Excellence in Academic Achievement and Dean’s Honour List 1216  pdf  
Student Appeal  1210  pdf  
Student Conduct  1211  pdf  
Student Honoraria 1212  pdf  
Tuition and Fees  1214  pdf pdf


Table of Contents and Review Schedule (pdf)


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