Tuition and Payment

Your tuition and related fees are due at the time of registration.

Application fees are due at the time of application. Once you are accepted to a program, you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your seat.

For current tuition and other assessed fees, select the applicable Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus city:

International students can search or browse by program to reference approximate costs for tuition and fees.

More about Tuition

Tuition is charged for providing the training and credentialing associated with a program. Differential tuition fees may be based on whether the program is high demand, has a potential on completion for high earnings, the cost of delivery, it is needed to sustain a program that is not core funded, includes financial support for students to support financial accessibility. Differential tuition fees are also assessed for international students. 

Students are assessed tuition for courses taken as follows:

Tuition deposit for programs (not applicable to Skills Training) $500
Tuition deposit for International applicants $1,000
Tuition deposit for continuing education (permitted only for students waiting for student loan or sponsorship funding) $100 per credit course, or course tuition, whichever is less; total to a maximum of program tuition deposit amount
Core-funded and Skills Training programs

$73.50 per credit unit
This rate applies to most programs. Refer to the tuition and fees schedules for program-specific tuition and other assessed fees.

Continuing Education programs and courses

Tuition as published
Cost-recovery programs and courses

Tuition as published
Online programs and courses

Tuition as published
International student tuition

International students starting the same Saskatchewan Polytechnic program in the same academic year are charged the same tuition differential. The tuition differential amount that an international student is charged initially remains constant during the student's normal program completion time. However, regular tuition increases apply.

Tuition by program will generally be charged at a rate of three to four times regular tuition.

Tuition for international students in the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing program reflects the University of Regina international tuition rates.

International students in continuing education programs and courses are charged published domestic tuition rates.

Refugee 'claimants' pay domestic tuition rates, but are considered international for admission purposes.

Refugees (with approved claims) have Permanent Residency status, and for all purposes are considered domestic students.

Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing (BPN) $233.10 per credit unit
Business Management Post-Graduate Certificate $162.15 per credit unit
Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Program (CNPP) University of Regina tuition
Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing University of Regina tuition
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition  (PLAR) assessment fees

Refer to Appendix E of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Tuition and Fees Policy
Co-operative Education tuition

Work experience

3 credit units

Extension to study time (core funded programs only)

2 credit units per week or part week

Payment Options


  • If you are new to Saskatchewan Polytechnic, you will have access to mySaskPolytech upon application to the program
  • Login to mySaskPolytech, Students tab, Online Administrative Services, Student Services, Student Records and Account Summary/Pay Fees
    • NOTE: Registered students are encouraged to make all tuition payments online. If you are a newly accepted applicant, you must pay your seat deposit at your bank or Registration Services (see sections below).
  • Follow the steps and print your confirmation
  • Tuition payments are accepted and processed by a secure third-party payment processor operating under an agreement with Saskatchewan Polytechnic to process electronic payments on its behalf. Visa and MasterCard are accepted and payments can be made directly from your bank account using Interac Online if you bank with a participating financial institution
  • You'll need your credit card number, credit card ID (3-4 digit security number), expiration date and billing address

You can pay at your financial institution by using Internet banking, telephone banking or by visiting in person. Add Saskatchewan Polytechnic as a payee with your bank or credit union. Once you have registered Saskatchewan Polytechnic with your bank, you can use your 9-digit Saskatchewan Polytechnic ID number as your account number for making payments. Allow up to two business days for bank processing before your payment is credited to your student account at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Please ensure with your bank that your daily withdrawal limit can accommodate payment.

Call or visit Registration Services at any main campus and pay by cheque (made payable to Saskatchewan Polytechnic) cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard

  • Students enrolled in certificate and diploma programs may pay their tuition and program fees in two installments (i.e., two-payment plan) as follows:
    • the first installment is due at the time of registration
    • the second installment is due on or before a date determined by Registration Services (normally January 15);
  • If the installment plan option is exercised, a deferred payment of tuition charge will be applied in accordance with Tuition and Fees Policy 1214-G.

    The installment plan option is not available to:
  • students who are paying through a student loan or other funding agency whereby tuition and fees are paid directly to Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  • students who are enrolled in an applied certificate program, except for students enrolled in applied certificate programs that exceed a 20-week time frame
  • students in a Co-operative Education program if the second installment would be due during a work term

Late Payment Charge

A late payment charge will be assessed on past-due accounts.  The interest rate charged will be reviewed annually by our Finance and Administration department. 

Failure to pay tuition and other assessed fees may result in students being excluded from class and will result in the placement of a financial hold on the student account, meaning:

  • students may not apply or register at any Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus until the past-due account has been paid
  • transcripts, grades, certificates or diplomas and any other completion documentation will be withheld until full payment is made

For additional details, consult the Tuition and Fees Policy (pdf).