President and CEO

President and CEO

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Repositioning as a polytechnic

The move to reposition SIAST as a polytechnic received a welcome endorsement from the government of Saskatchewan.

Repositioning the organization as Saskatchewan Polytechnic better reflects the value that we add to Saskatchewan’s economy and the opportunities that we provide to students.

Polytechnics provide people with applied learning opportunities, equipping them with the knowledge and skills that business and industry need to create growth. We offer a comprehensive suite of programming, including apprenticeship training, certificates, diplomas and bachelor degrees.

Our emphasis on applied research is another feature that differentiates us as a polytechnic, and it’s another way that we support economic growth in Saskatchewan. Through applied research, we draw on faculty expertise to help small- and medium-enterprises find real-world solutions to practical problems. At the same time, applied research provides opportunities for our students to develop critical thinking skills that will benefit their future employers.

Last year, dedicating a full-time position to applied research in the bioscience field helped us attract $900,000 in funding, including grants from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and funding from Western Economic Diversification. Recent and upcoming bioscience applied research projects include:

  • testing dental compounds
  • gas station remediation with Federated Coop and the University of Saskatchewan, and
  • contamination prevention in brewery process.

This year, we are allocating a second position to grow applied research in our Technology Division.

Our international activity also qualifies us as a polytechnic. We have a long history of activity overseas, but we are now beginning to increase our focus on recruiting international students to come and study in Saskatchewan, thereby supporting the province’s population growth objectives through immigration. Our international recruitment efforts will target programs with capacity and for which there’s a demand for grads.

Polytechnics are distinguished by their responsiveness to business and industry.  Saskatchewan Polytechnic has a long history of solid and rich connections with business and industry, and we will build on that history as we continue our evolution into a polytechnic.


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