Learn to use QuickBooks to manage your accounting transactions. Create a set of company books including customers, vendors, payroll, inventory and sales records. Learn to enter, modify and delete transactions. Find out how to use the software to prepare a bank statement reconciliation, income statements, balance sheets as well as reports on sales, accounts receivable and accounts payable and backup your records. A working knowledge of accounting principles will enhance your learning experience. Practical exercises during class will provide an opportunity for you to use these features. You will receive a manual that you can use for future reference, which includes a free student download of the software.

This class may be offered live on your personal computer if you have a webcam with a microphone, high speed internet and QuickBooks for Windows software. Call Rick Wagman at 306-775-7450 for more information.

Prerequisites: Some accounting knowledge and computer experience

This course currently has no offerings.

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