You will continue to develop your ability to assess clients, design, implement and analyze therapeutic recreation programs and apply effective leadership and professional skills. You will also examine the administrative practices of a therapeutic recreation service and conduct an in-service related to the role of therapeutic recreation.

Prior to registration you must be assessed for practicum readiness by the student advisor at 306-659-4905.

Prerequisites: Facilitation Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation (THRC 291), Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation (THRC 290), Sociology B (SOCI 185), Therapeutic Recreation Practicum 2 (PRAC 280), Therapeutic Recreation for Children and Youth (THRC 189), TR Program Management (THRC 286), Mental Health, Addictions and Therapeutic Recreation (THRC 283), T. R. Integration Seminar 3 (THRC 294), Completion of all Therapeutic Recreation Year 2 theory courses.

250 hours/8 weeks Additional costs: Text(s) and required print materials
Start and End DatesFeeLocationCRN
April 24, 2017 - June 16, 2017
Registration deadline: April 28, 2017
Register Online
$1,325.00ClinicalCRN: 201603-622

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