You will spend two weeks in an approved funeral home and participate in assigned duties (such as the transfer of body/remains, case analysis of body/remains, non-embalming preparations and other duties) under the direct supervision of a licensed embalmer and/or funeral director. You will be expected to demonstrate professionalism at all times.

Prerequisites: Core Work Experience (WORK 192), Interpersonal Communications (COMM 291), Introduction to Microsoft Word and Excel (COMP 172), Jurisprudence and Ethics (ETHC 184), Medical Terminology (180) (MTER 180), Microbiology for Funeral Service (MICR 185), Psychology of Grief (PSYC 280), Introduction to Desktop Publishing (COAP 171), Professionalism (PD 143), Desktop Publishing (COAP 171)

This course currently has no offerings.

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