You will learn the construction of medical words, including root words, combining forms, prefixes and suffixes, as they relate to body systems and body organization. You will also learn medical abbreviations and symbols.
Required books include:
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology. (2009). MTER 200 Basic Terminology [Course Manual]. Prince Albert, SK: Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus.
  • Ettinger, Alice and Burch, Pamela. (2007) Medical Terminology for Health Careers. (2nd ed.) Paradigm Publishing Inc., ISBN 0-7638-2270-1. 
  • Ettinger, Alice and Blanche. (2009). Medical Transcription: Techniques, Technologies, and Editing Skills. (3rd ed.) Paradigm Publishing Inc., ISBN 978-0-76383-109-7. 

This course currently has no offerings.