Private or public sector employers who require assistance in supporting employees who are leaving their organization can access their choice of the following services.

  • Individualized counselling with a focus on moving forward following job loss.
  • Career assessments: a variety of career assessments can be used to assist clients in expanding their self knowledge of interests and/or personal style as they relate to potential careers.
  • Resume consultation: we provide individualized assistance to help your clients develop updated, customized, professional resumes.
  • Interview Skills: we provide individualized assistance to clients who wish to improve their interview skills and techniques. This may include review and practice in typical, situational and behavioural descriptive questions, and a video-taped mock interview with
personal feedback.
  • Portfolio Development: we will assist clients in developing an employment portfolio that highlights and supports personal
achievements and qualifications.

For further information on Outplacement Services, please call 306-775-7479.

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