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Carpentry is a certificate program. It is a program for individuals not currently employed in the carpentry trade. You will receive basic knowledge and develop the skills needed to work in the residential, commercial construction and related industries.

For complete program information, check the program page.

You will practice fundamental employability skills related to oral and written communications. You will also practice employability skills related to working effectively with others. You will learn personal employability skills and the effect of attitudes and behaviours on a successful job search.

This course uses an asynchronous tool, allowing access to course material at a time that is convenient to the student.

CRNStart DateFeeLocation
CRN: 201403-822April 13, 2015 - June 19, 2015
Registration Deadline: April 13, 2015
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CRN: 201503-720January 11, 2016 - April 1, 2016
Registration Deadline: January 5, 2016
CRN: 201503-719April 11, 2016 - June 17, 2016
Registration Deadline: April 4, 2016