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Customer Service Excellence

Service Excellence workshops are designed for those who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in order to provide superior client-centred service.  These workshops are also offered in a customized environment to help build on the strengths of your service providers to better connect with your clients. For more information on the Customer Service Excellence workshop offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic or customized for your company, please call 306-775-7480. A bursary for tuition fees may be available for employees or registered charities. Please call 306-775-7480 for more information.

There is also a credit option for those looking for customer service credentials outlined in the Certificate option.

Call 306-775-7479 or 306-659-4038 (Saskatoon).

You will examine professionalism within your occupation and the values and ethics that guide your work. You will learn about privacy legislation, gain skills in ethical decision-making and enhance your skills in identifying and meeting your clients’ service needs. You will also identify different types of challenging service situations and learn ways of dealing with them.

This course currently has no offerings.