Course curriculum emphasizes the structural integrity of a vehicle as well as steering and suspension. You should be a journeyman or have an equivalent level of knowledge and significant practical experience in wheel alignment and steering geometry in order to successfully complete this course. Course instruction will be delivered at a journeyman level. You must attend all 3 days of course instruction and successfully complete examinations developed to determine your level of understanding of each section. Theory and practical examinations are administered during the course. You should be prepared to commit 4-6 hours of personal study time to familiarize yourself with inspection standards and course material. You must acquire a pass mark in each section and an overall mark of 75% to successfully complete the course.

For more information, call Carol Krawczyk at 306-775-7475. For further information concerning technician certification requirements, contact SGI Vehicle Standards and Inspections at 1-800-667-8015, ext. 6188. Please bring proper eye protection, work gloves and work boots.

This course currently has no offerings.

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