This hands-on course covers two-dimensional features and commands in AutoCAD. Topics include AutoCAD Interface, AutoCAD Theory, syntax inserting 2D geometry line, circle, arc, point, object snap, zoom, pan, fillets, chamfers, trim, extend, offset, inquiry, grids, text, making changes, line types and layers. Topics include move, copy, rotate, scale, mirror, array, stretch, graphic manipulation, grips, crosshatching, dimensioning, blocks, reference files, advanced text, special objects and plotting. The course also covers basic drafting fundamentals and geometry theory for students who require it.

No classes Oct 8 & Nov 12 (Saskatoon)

Prerequisites: Basic working knowledge of Windows XP or Vista, able to create folders, copying and deleting files, being able to maneuver around in, and basic knowledge of geometry would be helpful.

This course currently has no offerings.

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