Building on the experience you gained in your first practicum you will develop greater independence and expand the skill set needed to work as a front line employee in a residential, educational or community based agency providing services to youth and/or their families.

You must be assessed for practicum readiness by the practicum advisor prior to registration.

Prerequisites: Aboriginal Awareness (YCW 189), Addictions (YCW 284), Family Systems (YCW 282), Interpersonal Communications (COMM 291), Program Planning (281) (REHA 281), Sociology B (SOCI 185), Therapeutic Activities (YCW 188), Health Promotion in Youth Care (HLTH 183), Human Growth & Development (HUMD 188), YCW Cert Integration Seminar 2 (SEM 282), Completion of all Youth Care Worker Certificate theory courses

This course currently has no offerings.

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