You will integrate the knowledge and experience you gained from course work and practical experience. You will apply client assessment techniques, activity analysis and selection and individual and group program-planning skills. You will also continue to develop your professional skills.

Prior to registration you must be assessed for practicum readiness by the student advisor at 306-659-4905.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (also called Anatomy and Physiology) (APHY 189), Therapeutic Recreation and Leisure Education (THRC 284), Medical Terminology (180) (MTER 180), Psychology A (PSYC 188), Psychology B (PSYC 189), Research and Evaluation (THRC 188), Therapeutic Recreation and Aging (THRC 289), Therapeutic Recreation Assessment (THRC 281), Therapeutic Recreation Practicum 1 (PRAC 177), Human Growth & Development (HUMD 188), T. R. Integration Seminar 2 (THRC 293), Completion of all Therapeutic Recreation Year 1 theory courses.

This course currently has no offerings.

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