A short, concentrated course which is intended for owners, prospective owners or bookkeepers who currently operate or plan to start a small business and need to understand accounting and business principles. Your hands-on course will provide you with practice working through an actual set of books. Daily, monthly and yearly transactions will show you the accounting cycle for a year at a glance. Due to the quick pace of your course, you should plan to commit yourself to all sessions in order to get the full benefit. Please bring a pen, pencil (mechanical preferred) ruler, calculator and notebook to your class. The topics covered are; the essentials of opening for business; the set-up and recording of transactions in a journal; posting to a ledger; categorizing assets, liabilities, capital, income and expenses; payroll, petty cash, accounts receivable and payable; bank reconciliation and depreciation; worksheet, income statement and balance sheet; year-end adjustments and closing entries; government forms: GST, E&H Tax, Worker’s Compensation & T-4’s.

M-Th course runs M-Th for the first week and M-W for the second week. Sa-Su course classes are each Sa and Su for two weekends.

This course currently has no offerings.

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