Theory and practical instruction is provided to prepare piping trades people to write the provincial Domestic Gas examination. Persons wishing to write the examination must prove a minimum of fourth year apprentice status in the plumbing trade or pipefitting trades. Additional costs may be CSA B149.1-15 and B149.2-15 Gas Code books, Saskatchewan Supplements CSA 149.1-15 and 149.2-15, as well as Dutton’s “Fundamentals of Gas”. If you do not have current versions, you will be required to purchase for continuation into the course. Contact Regina, or Saskatoon, Campus Bookstore (306-775-7755 or 306-659-4030) to order, at least two weeks prior to course start date. You must register with the Apprenticeship Board at least one month prior to this course to write your exam. Please bring proper eye protection, work gloves, and work boots.

Course duration is 36 hours-2 weeks.

For additional information contact Carol Krawczyk (306-775-7475) or Jim Marcia (306-775-7484).

This course currently has no offerings.