Computer Credit Courses - Standardized Curriculum

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The standardized curriculum (COAP171, COMP 170-COMP 176, and COMP179) includes computer courses that deal with application software (word processing, spreadsheets, database management systems, desktop publishing, operating systems, presentation software and the Internet). These multi-program credit courses are delivered on a Saskatchewan Polytechnic-wide basis. The courses are written for Office 2013 for Windows. If you are using a Mac computer, there is an option available that will allow you to connect to Saskatchewan Polytechnic Windows servers and use the Windows version of Office. If you require this option, please email: for instructions. Note: With the exception of Comp170, these courses use an asynchronous tool, allowing online access to course material at a time that is convenient to the student. Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and transfer credit may be options for receiving credit. For further information please visit the program home page.

Program-Courses Used COAP 171 COMP 170 COMP 171 COMP 172 COMP 173 COMP 174 COMP 175 COMP 176 COMP 179
Building Systems Technician       X          
Chemical Technology           X X   X
Dynamic Web Page Development               X  
Electrician       X          
Food and Nutrition Management     X     X X   X
Funeral Services X     X         X
Geographic Information Science for Resource Management               X  
Health Information Management         X X X X  
Heavy Equipment & Truck & Transport Technician   X              
Hotel and Restaurant Administration     X     X X   X
Integrated Resource Management     X     X X    
Library and Information Technology     X   X X      
Nursing Re-entry   X              
Parts Management Technician   X X     X      
Power Engineering Technician       X          
Power Engineering Technology       X          
Practical Nurse Re-entry   X              
Psychiatric Nursing Re-entry   X              
Resource and Environmental Law     X     X X    
Retail Manager - Grocery Industry   X              
Therapeutic Recreation     X     X     X
Veterinary Technology       X       X  
Water and Wastewater Technician   X X     X X X