Youth Care Worker Certificate

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The Youth Care Worker certificate program provides knowledge and skill development in the care and support of children, youth and families in communities. You will learn how to facilitate the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of children and youth while focusing on strengths and opportunities for growth.

You will examine the various aspects of children’s growth and development and learn how to develop therapeutic relationships with children, youth, their families and other informal helpers. You will also learn how to work directly day-to-day with children and youth. A rich combination of theory and practical applications will help you develop a strong foundation in providing assistance to youth and their families. Your studies will include:

  • interpersonal communication skills
  • Aboriginal awareness
  • addictions
  • techniques of problem-solving
  • health and wellness
  • human sexuality
  • sociology
  • the criminal justice system
  • planning and implementing activities
  • behavioural intervention strategies
  • therapeutic activities
  • crisis prevention/self-protection strategies
  • theoretical basis of professional child and youth care work
  • employability skills

In addition to lectures and other classroom learning activities, you will participate in practicum placements where you will receive hands-on experience integrating core concepts into practice, developing skills and engaging in the design and delivery of programs with agency supervision. Your practicum placement may be in a group home, community agency, community school or residential treatment facility.

This program is available in full through distance and/or continuing education. The program is available full-time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in Saskatoon and on a part-time basis during the day over a year and a half at Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in Regina. For complete program information, check the program page.

You will receive instruction and practice in written communication skills needed for the workplace. You will develop effective job search strategies. Emphasis will be placed on communicating a professional image.

Online courses use an asynchronous tool, allowing access to course material at a time that is convenient ot the student.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will explore the benefits of therapeutic activities for youth at risk. Your studies will focus on developing and participating in a variety of therapeutic activities as you examine the role of the youth care worker in planning and implementing appropriate activities for youth.

This course currently has no offerings.

The course provides you with an introductory experience working with youth in agencies. The services you provide will prepare you for later course work and help you confirm your career choice.

You must be assessed for practicum readiness by the practicum advisor prior to registration. Practicum starting Sep 21 (Regina) also includes M-F, Oct 31-Nov 3, time variable.

This course currently has no offerings.