Web Site Design and Development

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Web Site Design and Development is an applied certificate program for those interested in the exciting field of technology-based communication. You will develop the knowledge and skills needed to apply internet concepts in the design and development of websites. You will learn how to build visually attractive websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate, and develop the skills needed to build quality sites with interactive content. You will use up-to-date techniques to create the look, feel and navigation for websites. You will also learn how to administer websites, install and configure http and ftp servers, and develop an understanding of website security issues. Your studies will focus on:

  • graphic design principles
  • graphic production
  • HTML and website development
  • Flash
  • JavaScript
  • network fundamentals; web and ftp server set up and configuration
  • interface design and website usability

This program is available on a part-time and full-time basis. Students wishing to take the full program in one academic year need to register through Saskatchewan Polytechnic Prince Albert campus. For complete program information, check the program page.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and transfer credit may be options for receiving credit. For further information see the PLAR candidate guide (pdf) or the transfer credit page.

You will continue to expand your HTML skills as you learn to develop DHTML-based websites. You will acquire skills in Cascading Style Sheets, layers, form creation and JavaScript programming. You will use DHTML to provide animation and enhanced navigational structures for web pages. In addition, you will learn about the components of project proposals, develop a proposal and then develop the actual project.

This course currently has no offerings.

Building on your existing Flash knowledge and skills, you will learn advanced Flash features (including ActionScript programming to increase interactivity and to develop non-linear presentations).

This course currently has no offerings.

You will learn how to use the basic components of the Flash software program. Using Flash’s interface, drawing tools, animation and tweening, you will create and present a Flash project.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will learn the basics of programming in JavaScript and apply those skills to enhance web pages. Your studies will include the examination and use of the programming model, programming concepts, events and event handlers, and variable methods. You will also study and use the Document Object Model and recognize browser and platform compatibility issues related to the use of JavaScript.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will learn computer application programs used to prepare and edit graphics, text and animation for the web. You will acquire knowledge and technical skills in the use of these programs to develop specific components for the web. You will learn how to use basic HTML and web authoring applications to create basic websites. A basic understanding of computer terminology and operations is necessary for successful course completion.

Equivalent course(s): Advanced Page Assembly (GRPH 260)

This course currently has no offerings.