Power Engineering Exam Prep Courses

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You will learn the key components to successfully challenge the 3rd and 2nd Class TSASK exams. Our courses are led by expert instructors and are designed to help you prepare to write your exams. You will gain knowledge from example questions as well as step-by-step procedures to successfully challenge the TSASK exams.
This course covers 2nd Class Part B Paper 3 SOPEEC syllabus topics including Electrotechnology - AC Theory, AC and DC Machines, Air and Gas Compression and Refrigeration - systems, plants, equipment, operation, safety and computations. Students will be prepared to challenge the SOPEEC certification exam in their jurisdiction. The short time allotment (90 hours) requires students to be familiar with all topic areas prior to the course start date. Emphasis will be placed on typical exam question answering techniques. Students should expect 2 hours of after class work each day.

This course currently has no offerings.