Leadership and Coaching for Managers and Supervisors

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Our unique, strengths-based, blended learning Coaching and Leadership program is designed for new/middle managers and supervisors who want to effectively lead their teams. This course provides students with the flexibility of online learning and classroom practice with our expert instructors, Kim Bater (Faculty, Banff Centre of Management now the Peter Lougheed Centre), Jack Mitchell (Facilitator and Life Skills Coach) and Lorraine Lawrence (Certified Executive Coach, Renew Consulting). The instructors will be available during the online learning as well to ensure that you always have access to an instructor.

Coaching is a skill set that every manager needs to have for career success. Each participant will receive a copy of The Heart of Coaching by Thomas G. Crane.

The learning outcomes for this course are:

  1. Practice Core Communication Skills for Leaders
    1. Demonstrate a model for coaching others
    2. Identify how conflict develops and learn strategies for resolving it
    3. Practice effective communication and feedback skills
  2. Set and Manage Effective Goals
    1. Examine the process for setting goals for yourself and others
    2. Identify the do’s and don’ts of communicating goals to others
  3. Identify leadership behaviours that develop and support team effectiveness
    1. Examine leadership behaviours that build strong teams and relationships
    2. Identify your leadership strengths and challenges
    3. Examine strategies for setting goals and managing expectations
    4. Discover the role of coaching as a leadership tool and how it develops individual and team effectiveness
    5. Examine processes for decision-making and implementation

Possible Funding Sources:
Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant – this program is eligible for the Canada-Saskatchewan job grant –

Muttart Foundation Funding – Staff working for registered charities in social services or early learning and child care fields may qualify for a tuition grant from the Muttart Foundation. For more information contact Tara Stang – or apply online at Muttart Foundation Bursary.

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