Construction Non-Credit Courses

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Your studies will focus on fundamentals of refrigeration, refrigerants, refrigeration systems, equipment, troubleshooting, repairing systems, safety regulations and plant operation. This course is intended to prepare students to write the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK) exam for the Refrigeration Engineer’s Certificate. Provincial testing is not included – contact TSASK (1-866-530- 8599) to book an exam.

The TSASK certificate is awarded after passing the TSASK test and proof of one of the following:

  1. for at least 12 months, has operated or assisted in the operation of a refrigeration plant with a capacity of not less than 20 tonnes of refrigeration;
  2. is the holder of a first, second, third, fourth or fifth class power engineering certificate; or
  3. has completed an approved course related to refrigeration engineering.
    RFRG 1601 is not considered an approved course.

  4. This course currently has no offerings.