Water and Wastewater Technician

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Water and Wastewater Technician is a certificate program. It provides knowledge and skill development in operating and maintaining public and private water treatment plants, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants and wastewater collection systems. You will learn how to meet the demand for water of acceptable quality and quantity for municipal, industrial, agricultural and recreational use. You will also learn how to collect and treat wastewater to an acceptable level for discharge into receiving waters.

The Water and Wastewater Technician Program allows operators to gain industry education, collect Continuing Education Units (CEU) and maintain Provincial Certification from the convenience of their home. You will focus your learning on:

  • water treatment
  • wastewater treatment
  • water distribution
  • wastewater collection
  • laboratory testing procedures
  • operating and maintaining treatment systems
  • enhancing computer application skills

The program can also be used to prepare you, and existing operator, to challenge the Saskatchewan Provincial Operator Certification Examinations as recognized by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment and the Operator Certification Board (OCB) of Saskatchewan.

For complete program information, check the program page.

Your studies will focus on the basic skills required of the technologist in the workplace. You will examine the communication process and interpersonal and workplace communication techniques. The course content includes technical writing job search skills.

This course currently has no offerings.

Building on the skills you developed in TCOM 102 (Communication in Technology), you will apply basic research skills to create workplace documents. Your studies will focus on the workplace skills of creating effective client relations, conducting meetings and giving presentations.

This course currently has no offerings.