Correctional Studies

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Correctional Studies is a diploma program that provides the knowledge and skill development needed for entry level positions in correctional institutions and justice agencies. You will receive a strong foundation in reintegration and security to assist in the management of a wide variety of offender populations. Your studies will focus on strong interpersonal communication skills, working knowledge of the criminal justice system, understanding and dealing with deviant behaviours, working within the prison culture, managing conflict, aggression and violence, case management process and risk needs assessment, suicide intervention and prevention techniques, problem-solving, applying dynamic and static security skills, role of community corrections, youth justice initiatives and restorative justice, working with offenders from Aboriginal and diverse cultural backgrounds, ethics and professionalism in corrections, the Rule of Law and the Duty to Act Fairly.

The program is delivered in partnership with provincial and federal correctional agencies and includes two work experiences, one in the federal system, one in the provincial system.

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