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Assessment and proper care of the feet is an integral part of nursing care of the LPN and has a significant impact on the quality of life of patients/clients. In this course you will review the anatomy, structure and function of the foot, lower leg, nail and skin and understand the factors affecting foot health. You will: identify common foot and nail pathologies, safely use common foot care instruments, assess the high risk client, and review and apply infection control practices. Throughout this course we will strive to answer questions you may have regarding optimal care of the foot and lower limb. How do we care for the high risk foot? What is the best method of dealing with thick and hard to cut nails? How can I assist clients who have decreased dexterity and mobility in optimally caring for their feet? How can we encourage clients in leading healthy and active lives? An important aspect of this course is the lab and clinical work place experience where you will practice and hone nursing foot care skills and the use of foot care equipment.

Prerequisites: LPN

This course currently has no offerings.

Related Courses

The Health Assessment course for Licensed Practical Nurses will prepare you to perform a health history and physical examination of clients. You will enhance your assessment skills with a focus on a patient centered approach. You will apply critical thinking and evidenced informed nursing practice to health assessment. You will consider health assessment in various stages across the lifespan, with a focus on the older adult. Challenges related to aging are also explored. You will perform a health history and physical Revised Learning Outcomes examination with an older adult and document the findings in an assignment.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will enhance your leadership skills. You will study the changing roles in nursing, the professional concepts of leadership and management, and the significance of communication and conflict resolution to leadership and management. You will study how ethical and legal issues influence nursing; and how power and motivation relate to leadership and management. You will be able to demonstrate the basic skills necessary to be an effective team manager.

Prerequisites: LPN/RN or RPN

This course currently has no offerings.

You will apply theory and skills in an approved medical device reprocessing department. You will participate in the different aspects of medical device reprocessing including decontamination, inspection, assembly, packaging, sterilization, storage and transportation. You will work under the supervision of a manager/supervisor and work directly with a medical device reprocessing technician. You will model professional attitudes and practices in all aspects of your assigned duties.

This course currently has no offerings.

You will study the systems approach to patient safety related to medication safety, interdisciplinary team relationships and best nursing practices. You will study national and provincial organizations designed to facilitate the Canadian patient safety agenda. You will examine a regional risk management or quality improvement project focused on advancing patient safety.

Prerequisites: Must be LPN

This course currently has no offerings.