Corporate Training

Corporate Training

We offer short courses and training solutions to meet your business needs in Saskatchewan and Western Canada. Flexible delivery options are matched to your needs. Your training can be delivered on a Sask Polytech campus in Saskatchewan or we can come to you at your office or work site. Webinar and on-demand training options are also available.

Services We Provide

  1. Corporate training for your company

    We provide professional development, technical and safety training, as well as other educational opportunities.

  2. Project management training for your employees
    We can customize a training path for your organization.
  3. Needs assessment
    Use our services to qualify and quantify the gaps in your current condition. 

  4. Procurement services
    Minimize risk and streamline the acquisition of educational services.

All Course Offerings

These short courses are available now. Other training options are in development and custom solutions can be crafted to meet your needs.


Date: October 2017
Time: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time
Location: The Saskatoon Club
417 21st St E
Saskatoon SK S7K 0C5

Do you want to grow sales and revenue in domestic or U.S. markets? Are you beginning to open sales channels outside of the U.S. and Canada?

This best-in-class course will give you a significant return on your investment. Prepare your sales team and sales professionals to produce results with 38-hours of intensive training.

This Job Grant eligible course is endorsed by:

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic a leader in applied and work integrated learning
  • The Conference Board of Canada a leading think tank and strategic provider of insights on organizational performance
  • Optime’ a leading designer of the most current and effective sales and relationship curriculum in North America

Three action-packed days of powerful sales techniques and learning for $4995! Limited seats available and registration opens soon. Get on the list and leverage this opportunity to make your international sales soar. 

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  • 3 Day Change Management Certification Program
  • Best-in-Class instruction in partnership with Prosci Canada
  • Relevant for executives, leaders, managers and employees
  • Delivery options include:
  • 3 day getaway delivered in off-site capacity with diverse participants
  • On-site instruction
  • Typical cohort sizes 15 – 18 students

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How often do you find that you negotiate? Ever feel like you left opportunity on the table, or worse that you could have negotiated a better deal for all parties involved? We at Saskatchewan Polytechnic understand that negotiations are a daily part of our work and personal lives. In order to help change your perspective of any situation you may find yourself in, we are offering negotiation seminars to help you improve the way you negotiate by learning, doing and asking. Come and learn how to expand the pie and achieve both-win outcomes.

  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic in partnership with Karrass Negotiations
  • Best in class negotiations training for buyers, sellers and all organizational stakeholders impacted by daily negotiations
  • Highly effective training with emphasis on expanding pie and achieving both-win outcomes
  • 2-Day sessions w/ 4 negotiations for participants
  • Maximum of 25 participant

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The demand for cyber-security experts has grown three times faster than the demand for information and communications technology professionals. With the increasing amounts of data being sent on multiple devices, the importance of cyber-security has never been a more important business problem. Our introductory course through the Cisco Network Academy is vendor agnostic and equips students and business professionals alike to protect networks from those with malicious intent.

*No pre-requisite required. Relevant to both technical as well as business professionals – 15 Hours*

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Whether you're in manufacturing, agriculture, administrative services or other sectors, running a LEAN operation requires creating a culture of continuous improvement. Our offering is designed to help you meet that objective. Learn how to identify various areas of waste, the evolution of LEAN practices in multiple industries, employee engagement and more.

  • Core LEAN Workshop tailored to specific industries
    • Industrial – (Manufacturing & Processing)
    • Administrative – (Office, Academic, Healthcare)
    • Other

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