A-Z Listing of Continuing Education Courses

Index of Programs & Courses

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Aboriginal Policing Preparation
Accounting Certificate
Activity Management (HLTH 270)
Adobe Programs
Adult Health Nursing 1 (NRSG 209)
Adult Health Nursing 2 (NRSG 210)
Adult High School 30-Level Credit
Aerial Applicator (PEST 166)
Aerial Applicator Re-cert (PEST 266)
Agricultural Machinery Technician
Agriculture Applicator (PEST 167)
Agriculture Applicator Re-cert (PEST 267)
Agriculture Non-Credit Courses
Applied Project Management Program
Aquatic Vegetation Applicator (PEST 168)
Aquatic Vegetation Re-cert (PEST 268)
Architectural Technologies (Building Sciences and Interior Design)
Auto Body Technician
Automotive Service Technician


Basic Life Support Provider C (CPR 1007)
Blue Seal Training for Trades Professionals
Bridging Option to Practical Nursing Program for Continuing Care Assistants
Building Green with LEED®
Business Certificate
Business Classes in the Evening
Business Communication Skills
Business Information Systems
Business Management Tools
Business Research Skills (LERN certificate)
Business Writing Workshops


CAD/CAM Engineering Technology
Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Exam Prep Online (NURS 1657)
Career Assessment and Testing Services
CDSA Module (PHAR 1604)
Chemical Technology
Child Health Nursing (NRSG 208)
CISCO CCNA Instructor Training (CNET 1605)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Civil Engineering Technologies
Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technology
Commercial Seed Treat Re-cert (PEST 275)
Commercial Seed Treatment Appl (PEST 175)
Communication using Computers
Complications - Acute and Chronic (HLTH 271)
Compress Gas/CylinderAwareness (SFTY 1811)
Computer Basics
Computer Credit Courses - Standardized Curriculum
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Systems Technology
Computer Training Facilities for Rent at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina Campus
Computer Training Facilities for Rent at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Saskatoon Campus
Confined Space Awareness (SFTY 1814)
Construction Non-Credit Courses
Continuing Care Assistant
Continuing Nursing Education
Cooking/Licensed Child Care (COOK 1601)
Corporate Career Assessment Services
Correctional Studies
Course 3 - Project Execution and Control (PROJ 112)
Course 4 - Project Leadership and Communications (PROJ 113)
CPR Heartsaver C/AED (CPR 1003)
CPR/First Aid Courses
Cross Connection Control Recertification (WTER 1801)
Culinary Arts in Prince Albert
Cultural Considerations (CLTR 260)
Customer Service Workshops
Customized Corporate Training for Saskatchewan Businesses
Cyber Breach Security Simulation (CSEC 1800)


Dementia - Behaviour (DEMC 183)
Department of Arts and Sciences
Diabetes Care Across the Lifespan (HLTH 272)
Diabetes Education Courses
Diabetes Education for Health Care Professionals
Diabetes Education for Health Care Providers
Diabetes Management: A Review (HLTH 266)
Digital Graphic Design
Disability Support Worker
Disability Support Worker Certificate Practicum 1 (PRAC 382)
Dynamic Web Development


Early Childhood Education Certificate
Early Childhood Education Certificate Practicum 1 (PRAC 104)
Early Childhood Education Certificate Practicum 2 (PRAC 105)
Early Childhood Education Diploma
Educational Assistant
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electrical, Refrigeration and Power Engineering
Electronic Systems Engineering Technology
Emergency Health Care
Engineering Design and Drafting Technology
Engineering Technology Non-Credit Courses
English Language Training
Environmental Engineering Technology
Exam Preparation
Excel Advanced (COAP 1656)


Facilitation Workshops and Certification with ICA Associates
First Aid, Standard (FAID 1005)
Food and Nutrition Management
Fumigation Applicator (PEST 169)
Fumigation Re-certification (PEST 269)
Funeral Service


Geographic Information Science for Resource Management
Geomatics and Surveying Engineering Technology
Greenhouse Applicator (PEST 170)
Greenhouse Applicator Re-cert (PEST 270)


Health Assessment 1 (NRSG 200)
Health Assessment 2 (NRSG 201)
Health Information Management
Health Services Industry/Association Programs and Courses
Health Services Non-Credit Courses
Health Services Occupational Health and Safety
Heavy Equipment and Truck and Transport Technician
Hospitality/Food Services Industry/Association Programs and Courses
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Human Resources Management


Incident Investigation Awareness (SFTY 1810)
Industrial and Trades Certification Courses
Industrial and Trades Courses
Industrial Vegetation Appl (PEST 171)
Industrial Vegetation Re-cert (PEST 271)
Industrial/Trades Courses
Industrial/Trades Occupational Health and Safety Certification Courses
Industry/Trades Programs and Courses
Infection Control and Safety (INFC 180)
information and Communications Technology Non-Credit Courses
Instrumentation Engineering Technology
Insulin and Oral Agents (HLTH 268)
Integrated Resource Management
Interactive Media Production
Intro Bus Trans/Success Plan (BUS 1618)
Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing 1 (NRSG 202)
Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing 2 (NRSG 203)


Landscape Applicator (PEST 172)
Landscape Re-certification (PEST 272)
Leadership and Coaching for Managers and Supervisors
LEAN Enterprise Certification1 (BUS 1616)
Light Vehicle Inspection (VEHC 1800)
Long-term Complications (HLTH 166)


Management Development Workshops
Managing Diabetes (HLTH 163)
Managing Highs and Lows (HLTH 164)
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Media Arts Production Certificate
Media Arts Production Diploma
Medical Device Reprocessing Education
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Radiologic Technology
Medical Terminology (180) (MTER 180)
Mental Health Courses
Mental Health Nursing (NRSG 205)
Microsoft Programs
Mining Engineering Technology
Mining, Energy & Manufacturing Courses
Mining, Energy and Manufacturing Non-Credit Courses
Mosquito & Biting Fly Applicator (PEST 173)
Mosquito & Biting Fly Re-cert (PEST 273)


Natural Resources and Built Environment non-credit courses
New Media Communications Certificate
Nurse Practitioner Courses
Nursing Re-entry
Nursing the Childbearing Family (NRSG 207)
Nursing the Older Adult (NRSG 211)
Nutrition Management (HLTH 269)


Occupational Health & Safety Workshops
Occupational Health Nursing
Office Administration
On-Farm Fumigation (PEST 176)
On-Farm Fumigation Re-cert (PEST 276)
Orientation to Nursing in Canada for Internationally Educated Nurses


Parks Management (PEST 179)
Parts Management Technician
PCP Urinary Catheterization (EMER 1640)
Perioperative Nursing/LPN
Perioperative Nursing/RN
Personal and Professional Development Courses in the School of Transportation
Perspectives in Community Nursing (NRSG 204)
Pesticide Applicator and Dispenser Re-Certification
Pesticide Applicator and Dispenser Training Courses
Pesticide Dispenser (PEST 162)
Pesticide Dispenser Re-cert (PEST 262)
Pharmacology in Nursing (PHAR 200)
Power Engineering Exam Prep Courses
Practical Nurse Re-Entry
Practical Nursing
Practical Nursing Certificate to Diploma
Practicums and Orientations
Primary Care Paramedic Blood Products Module (EMER 1639)
Primary Prevention (HLTH 267)
Principles of Education (EDUC 160)
Professional Assault Response Training (SFTY 194)
Professional Development for K-12 Teachers
Psychiatric Nursing Degree Program


Quickbooks Premier with Payroll (COAP 1835)


Rat Control Applicator (PEST 177)
Rat Control Re-certification (PEST 277)
Recognition of Prior Learning Practitioner
Recordkeeping for Small Businesses
Resource and Environmental Law
Retail Customer Service


Safe Environment (SPCR 180)
Safety & Legislation Re-cert (PEST 261)
Safety Training for the Mining and Minerals Sector
Sage 50 Simply Accounting Level 1 and Level 2 (COAP 1836)
Saint Francis Xavier University’s Adult Education Diploma
SK Provincial Appl Regulations (PEST 178)
Sociology 2 (SOCI 260)
Special Considerations (HLTH 167)
Special Needs 1 (SPCR 284)
Structural Applicator (PEST 174)
Structural Re-certification (PEST 274)


The Education Process (EDUC 260)
The George Washington University Event Management Certificate Program (LERN)
Therapeutic Recreation
TLR Re-evaluation (SPCR 1001)
Transferring, Lifting, Repositioning (SPCR 100)
Transportation Non-Credit Courses


UGotClass OnLine Certificates
Understanding Diabetes (HLTH 162)
University Classes at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Moose Jaw campus


Victim Services Coordination


Water and Wastewater Technician
Web Site Design and Development
WHMIS 2015 (GHS) (SFTY 1817)
Women in Trades and Technology (WITT)
Wood Preservation Applicator (PEST 181)
Word Advanced (COAP 1658)
Writing Business Emails and Letters with Clarity (BCOM 1612)


YCW Cert Integration Seminar 1 (SEM 185)
YCW Cert Integration Seminar 2 (SEM 282)
YCW Dip Integration Seminar 1 (SEM 105)
YCW Dip Integration Seminar 2 (SEM 200)
Youth Care Worker Certificate
Youth Care Worker Certificate Practicum 1 (PRAC 384)
Youth Care Worker Diploma
Youth Care Worker Diploma Practicum 1 (PRAC 398)
Youth Care Worker Diploma Practicum 2 (PRAC 399)