Academic Honesty

The test centre is an extension of the classroom. Instances of academic dishonesty of any kind - using unauthorized materials, sharing information with another examinee, using technology inappropriately, misrepresenting oneself as someone else, or any other method will not be tolerated. 

Students found to be cheating while testing in the test centre will be stopped and the exam and any notes being used will be collected.

The exam will be marked as Invalid and the exam and any materials being used will be housed in the test centre.

A report will be written and distributed to the instructor, who will administer the Academic Integrity procedures (see Student Conduct) and the school dean.

In addition, the student’s privilege of using the centre will be revoked for the remainder of the semester. 

It will be the student’s responsibility to inform all instructors of the revocation of privileges.

Each time a student uses the centre, he/she will be asked to sign a Statement of Understanding indicating that they understand the penalty for academic dishonesty in the centre. 

Statement of Understanding

By enrolling in Saskatchewan Polytechnic, I have agreed to abide by the policies and regulations of Saskatchewan Polytechnic including those in the academic integrity policy. My signature here indicates that I understand that the penalty for academic dishonesty of any kind in the test centre is retention of the test in the test centre as an invalid test. Additionally, I understand that the privilege to use the centre will be revoked for the remainder of the semester. These procedures are separate from any academic penalties imposed by the instructor and from institutional penalties related to policy 1211, Student Conduct. I understand that I am entitled to due process via an appeal if I am involved in such an incident.