Academic Upgrading

Academic Upgrading

Education opens doors - to better jobs, better pay, more career choices. If gaps in your education are holding you back, check out academic upgrading at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. We can help you unlock those doors and build a brighter future.

Sask Polytech offers academic upgrading at all four campuses, free of charge. Literacy Levels I and II give you the basic skills you need for work or school. Adult 10 opens doors to job training programs. Adult 12 prepares students to achieve high school graduation.

Each campus has four intakes per year. Regina Campus also offers three intakes of evening classes. Please call your nearest campus for more information.

Literacy Level I

Literacy Level I is an introductory program that will help you improve your reading, writing, listening, speaking skills and computer literacy.  It also covers interpersonal skills, lifelong learning and basic math.

Literacy Level II

Literacy Level II lets you continue building your literacy skills and prepare for entry into Adult 10.

Adult 10

The Adult 10 program is an important step up the career ladder, whether you want to continue your education or move into the workforce. The program helps you:

  • improve your communication, math, science and social science skills
  • learn how to think critically and make information decisions in social science
  • explore personal growth and life-long learning in life/work studies.

Adult 12

Completing the Adult 12 program allows students to gain the academic requirements for application to post-secondary programs or for employment that requires high school graduation. The entire Adult 12 program is available by enrolling in daytime classes. Students having already finished credits at the 20 or 30 level in other Saskatchewan schools can apply eligible credits toward their Adult 12 completion. Credits earned outside Saskatchewan can often also contribute toward Adult 12 completion.

  1. All 30 level classes are 78 hours, have a home study component and meet the requirements of Saskatchewan Learning curriculum.
  2. Students can only register for 1 course per session. A second course in the same session may be taken only when approved by Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Continuing Education Consultant.
  3. Students who are unable to access a course seat may ask to be placed on the wait list(s) for a maximum of 2 courses per session.
  4. Adult students are not required to have 10 or 20 level prerequisites, but they are strongly recommended. Sufficient skill development is necessary for successful completion.
  5. English language proficiency is necessary for successful completion (recommended mastery of Canadian Language Bench Mark, Level 8). Students currently enrolled in LINC cannot register for these courses.
  6. Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status is required to qualify for these courses. International students (student visa) do not qualify for these courses.
  7. These courses are intended for adults 19 years of age and older or 18 years of age and out of school for one year or more. Students currently enrolled in a high school require a letter of request from their school division’s director of education and written approval of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Continuing Education Consultant prior to enrolment in the courses.
  8. Attendance at the first night of classes is mandatory. Students are expected to attend all classes and write all exams.
  9. Textbooks are loaned to student while attending classes. Textbooks must be returned upon completion or leaving.
  10. Classes may be cancelled if there is insufficient student enrolment.

Important Notice: Mathematics Curriculum Change

Effective July 1, 2012, all four Saskatchewan Polytechnic campuses will no longer offer Math A30, Math B30 and Math C30. This change is in response to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education’s directive for the introduction of a new curriculum referred to as WNCP (Western and Northern Canadian Protocol).

There are three pathways of study for the new math:
A. Foundations of Mathematics
B. Pre-Calculus Mathematics
C. Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics
*Each Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus may offer all or part of the three pathways in its programming.

What does this mean for ADULT students who are either upgrading or completing their 20 or 30 level requirements for mathematics?

  1. Students planning to use math for post-secondary entrance need to check the entrance prerequisites required by the institution they wish to attend (check Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s requirements here: Once the new math prerequisites (pathway and course(s)) have been confirmed, students can register to upgrade/complete the appropriate math course(s).
  2. Students planning to use math for employment purposes should check which math pathway(s) will be accepted by the employer.
  3. Students planning to use math to complete Adult 12 (high school) can use either a 20 level or 30 level course from any of the new pathways as one of the seven credits required for Adult Basic Education completion.
  4. Who should register in the 20 level course prior to taking the 30 level pathway course?
    • Students who are switching pathways
    • Students who have not previously completed any 30 level math courses
    • Students who have completed only Math A30
  5. Students who have completed Math A30 and Math B30 and are choosing the pre-calculus pathway
  6. Who should register in the 30 level courses?
    • Students who have completed Math A30 and Math B30 should have the necessary skills to be successful in Foundations 30 without the 20 level pathway course.
    • Students who have previously completed Math A30, Math B30 and Math C30 should be able to successfully complete Foundations 30, Pre-Calculus 30 or Calculus 30 without the 20 level pathway course.
  7. If you are:
    • unable to determine which pathway would be best for you at this time, or
    • requiring a math credit for the sole purpose of completing your Adult 12, it is suggested that you choose the Foundations of Mathematics pathway.
    • The Calculus 30 curriculum does not change and will continue to be offered in the 2012-2013 academic year
  8. It is each student's responsibility to investigate and clarify the appropriate pathway for his/her future academic or employment needs.

Some courses at the 20 and 30 level are also available in the evenings.

Important Notice: Regina Campus Only
2017 – 2018 Registration for the Regina Adult Education Evening program will be an in-person process. Upcoming fall classes to be offered are Foundations of Math 20, Foundations of Math 30, Pre-Calculus 20, Physical Science 20, Physics 30, Chemistry 30, Biology 30, Native Studies, English A30 and English B30.

Details regarding registration will be updated as they become available. Please call 306.775.7463 for up to date information.


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