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Service Excellence

Program Overview

Note: This program is deleted effective July 1, 2017

In business, there’s nothing more important than client service. Knowing how to provide professional, exceptional service is key to success—whether you’re working in the public or private sector, in retail or real estate, or in personal or financial services.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Service Excellence program is designed especially for working professionals. Our nationally recognized curriculum is one of the few accredited programs in Canada to focus on service excellence.

Service Excellence is a five-course applied certificate program offered on a part time basis through Continuing Education. Choose to complete one or all of the courses. The combination of distance and online courses makes it easy to fit into your schedule.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a Canadian leader in the development of service excellence education. This thought-provoking, practical program will take your professional skills to the next level. Enjoy the career benefits of developing knowledge, skills and attitudes based on best practices. You will learn how to:

  • Develop strategies for connecting with clients;
  • Gain interpersonal skills to work effectively with clients and team members;
  • Deal with challenging service situations, ethically and professionally;
  • Build cultural competency skills;
  • Create an action plan for professional development; and
  • Promote a workplace culture of service excellence.

When you exceed client expectations, you win their respect and the respect of your co-workers and managers. It’s a step in the right direction when you’re climbing the career ladder.

Career and Salary Information

Your Career

An applied certificate in Service Excellence makes a clear statement to employers and potential employers. It says you are committed to building positive relationships with clients and fostering a culture of client-centred service within the organization. It is a skill set you can use to your advantage in a broad range of jobs in every sector, public or private.

For more information about career opportunities related to this program, contact Student Employment Services at the campus nearest to you.

Length and Start Date

Start Date(s): Varies

For more information, contact Joan Patterson at or 306-775-7479.

Length: 180 hours


  • Delivery is subject to needs assessment.


Admission Requirements

  • Current employees who have:
    • a working knowledge of the services and programs that their employing organization provides
    • experience delivering these services and programs
  • English Language Requirement


To ensure the successful completion of course activities and assignments, we recommend that students are able to read, write, and communicate at a grade 12 level.

Admission Method

First Qualified/First Admitted

The First Qualified/First Admitted (FQFA) process is used for the majority of Saskatchewan Polytechnic programs. When we determine that you meet the program's admission requirements, you will be offered admission based on the date you fully qualify for the program. The earlier you provide the appropriate documents and information that qualify you for admission to the next intake, the earlier you might begin your studies. Your application, once qualified, is always considered for the next intake. 

Applicants to programs with multiple intakes in an academic year remain in the application pool until the last intake for that academic year has begun. Programs using the FQFA process receive applications year round and maintain an application pool for each academic year. Qualified applicants who are not offered a seat must reapply for the next academic year. 

Sponsored programs or programs targeted to specific groups do not accept applications year round or maintain an application pool.

See Admission Processes for more information about this method of admission.

Tuition and Fees

For tuition information, contact Joan Patterson at or 306-775-7479


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CLTR 161
Developing Cultural Competence for Service Excellence
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You will expand your knowledge of the meaning of culture and specific cultural groups in your work area. You will also examine Canadian laws that have a bearing on your interaction with your clients. You will gain the knowledge and skills required to interact effectively with clients from cultural groups different from your own.
Credit Units: 2
Course Hours: 30.0
Potential Learning Method(s): Print Distance Group, Print Distance Individual
CUST 160
Professional Skills for Service Excellence
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You will examine professionalism within your occupation and the values and ethics that guide your work. You will learn about privacy legislation, gain skills in ethical decision-making, and enhance your skills in identifying and meeting your clients’ service needs. You will also identify different types of challenging service situations and learn ways of dealing with them.
Credit Units: 2
Course Hours: 30.0
Potential Learning Method(s): Print Distance Group, Print Distance Individual
IPSK 160
Interpersonal Skills for Service Excellence
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You will learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) that are necessary to provide service excellence to clients/customers. You will examine and improve your own KSAs related to providing service excellence to your clients and team members. Your skill development will emphasize the interpersonal and communication skills that are critical in your interactions with clients. Considerable importance will be placed on strategies for connecting with clients.
Credit Units: 2
Course Hours: 30.0
Potential Learning Method(s): Print Distance Group, Print Distance Individual
PD 160
Professional Development in Service Excellence
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Your studies will focus on strategies for developing a workplace culture of service excellence, assessing what you have learned and determining what you will do next to support your ongoing development in service excellence.
Credit Units: 2
Course Hours: 30.0
Prerequisites(s): PRAC 166
Potential Learning Method(s): Print Distance Individual
PRAC 166
Service Excellence Practicum
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The Service Excellence Practicum is an opportunity to put your action plan for personal improvement into effect. You will also have an opportunity to apply your integrated service excellence skills and to observe service excellence as a member of a client service team.
Credit Units: 4
Course Hours: 60.0
Prerequisites(s): CUST 160
Potential Learning Method(s): Work Based Delivery

PLAR & Transfer Credit

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes that adults learn in many different ways and through many different means. This includes acquiring knowledge and skills through life and work experience or non-formal training.

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Thanks to the generosity of donors and alumni, Saskatchewan Polytechnic gives away more than $2 million in student awards during the academic year.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers student awards for every certificate and diploma program at every campus. You don't have to be a brainiac to receive a student award. Not all student awards are based on marks - some are based on financial need or things like community or volunteer involvement.

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Additional Information

  • This program is deleted effective July 1, 2017
  • Part-Time Delivery

    Some courses in this program might also be offered through part-time programming.

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