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Business Planning

Program Overview

Note: This program is deleted effective July 1, 2017

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner, self-employed or working in management, knowing how to prepare a business plan is essential. Your business plan will determine your ability to secure financing and attract investors.

A business plan clearly communicates who you are, what experience you have and what your business is all about. It identifies your products and services, customers and competitors, strengths and weaknesses. It outlines your marketing strategy, provides an analysis of projected costs and revenues, and establishes a timetable for achieving goals.

Business Planning program is an applied certificate program offered full-time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Prince Albert Campus and part-time through distance education. It gives you the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare a comprehensive business plan for your own business idea. It is also an asset if you’re working in management and want to broaden your professional expertise. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Research your idea;
  • Analyze your idea’s potential
  • Prepare comprehensive marketing, operational, human resources and financial strategies;
  • Use your business plan to access financing; and
  • Use your business plan as an ongoing management guide.


Graduate with a Business Plan

To make the most of the program, start with an idea for a small business. It should be something you believe you can build into a functioning, profitable business. This idea will become the focus of your studies. By the end of the program, you’ll have developed a comprehensive business plan based on your own idea, a business plan you can use to approach lenders and investors.

Hone Your Entrepreneurial Skills

You can apply completed Business Planning courses as credit toward Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Entrepreneurship and Small Business certificate program.

Career and Salary Information

Your Career

When you’ve completed all courses, you’ll have a comprehensive business plan. Use it as a blueprint to start your own business or as a guide to manage business growth and achieve business goals.

Length and Start Date

Start Date(s): Varies
For more information, contact Garry Whitley at or (306) 765-1772.
Length: Varies by course


  • Prince Albert
  • Distance Learning options available


Admission Requirements

Admission Method

First Qualified/First Admitted

The First Qualified/First Admitted (FQFA) process is used for the majority of Saskatchewan Polytechnic programs. When we determine that you meet the program's admission requirements, you will be offered admission based on the date you fully qualify for the program. The earlier you provide the appropriate documents and information that qualify you for admission to the next intake, the earlier you might begin your studies. Your application, once qualified, is always considered for the next intake. 

Applicants to programs with multiple intakes in an academic year remain in the application pool until the last intake for that academic year has begun. Programs using the FQFA process receive applications year round and maintain an application pool for each academic year. Qualified applicants who are not offered a seat must reapply for the next academic year. 

Sponsored programs or programs targeted to specific groups do not accept applications year round or maintain an application pool.

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Tuition and Fees

For tuition information, contact Betty Makelki at or 306-765-1763.


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BUS 154
Operational Strategy
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The course describes the operations of a small business. Your studies will include the following topics: selecting a location, planning an efficient layout, describing the licensing and regulatory requirements, choosing a business name, determining hours of operation, determining fixed asset requirements, managing inventory, locating suppliers, investigating insurance and estimating start-up costs. The course content and learning activities will help you develop an operational strategy for your business.
Credit Units: 3
Course Hours: 45.0
Prerequisites(s): MKTG 166 or MKTG 155
Corequisites(s): HR 145
Potential Learning Method(s): Lecture/Lab, Print Distance Individual
BUS 155
Business Plan Preparation
Show course details
The course will help you prepare a business plan that combines your finalized marketing, operational, human resource, and financial strategies with a mission statement and executive summary. You will develop a verbal presentation of your business plan and deliver it in a simulated business environment.
Credit Units: 3
Course Hours: 45.0
Prerequisites(s): FIN 151
Potential Learning Method(s): Lecture/Lab, Print Distance Individual
FIN 151
Financial Strategy
Show course details
The course describes the methods used to finance a business. You will investigate sources of financing, learn how to approach lenders and examine the basic forms of collateral security. You will also prepare a statement of projected costs and sources of funding for your business. The course describes financial projections focusing on the projected cash flow statement and projected income and expense statements and uses this information to determine the breakeven point and return on investment. You will develop a financial strategy for your business.
Credit Units: 4
Course Hours: 60.0
Prerequisites(s): BUS 154, HR 145
Potential Learning Method(s): Lecture/Theory
HR 145
Human Resource Strategy
Show course details
You will identify human resource requirements for a small business, including creating job descriptions, hiring staff, and managing performance. You will also examine the issues of compensation, discipline, training plan development, and labour standards. You will select a professional support team, and prepare a resume for inclusion in your business plan. You will prepare a complete human resources strategy for your proposed business.
Credit Units: 2
Course Hours: 36.0
Prerequisites(s): MKTG 166 or MKTG 155
Corequisites(s): BUS 154
Potential Learning Method(s): Lecture/Lab
MKTG 164
Market Research 1
Show course details
You will learn how to conduct primary and secondary marketing research. You will learn how to describe the product, competition, industry, and supplier network for your business.
Credit Units: 3
Course Hours: 45.0
Potential Learning Method(s): Lecture/Lab
MKTG 165
Market Research 2
Show course details
You will examine the target market of your business, and how to communicate with them through traditional and electronic means. You will describe the target market, and prepare a promotional plan for your business.
Credit Units: 3
Course Hours: 45.0
Prerequisites(s): MKTG 164
Potential Learning Method(s): Lecture/Lab
MKTG 166
Marketing Strategy
Show course details
You will focus on projecting the revenue for your business. You will examine external factors such as economic conditions, technology, social trends, and regulations; discuss common pricing methods; and calculate market potential and market share. This revenue projection, in combination with the research from MKTG 164 and MKTG 165, will create a marketing strategy for your business.
Credit Units: 3
Course Hours: 45.0
Prerequisites(s): MKTG 165
Potential Learning Method(s): Lecture/Lab

PLAR & Transfer Credit

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes that adults learn in many different ways and through many different means. This includes acquiring knowledge and skills through life and work experience or non-formal training.

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  • This program is deleted effective July 1, 2017
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