Office Administration (Part-time studies)

School of Business Certificate

Program Overview

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Office Administration program (formerly Office Education) is a one-year certificate program offered full-time on-campus in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert and Regina.

You may also take all the courses in the program through Continuing Education. If you take the courses through Continuing Education, you are not required to apply for admission or meet the requirements. Once you have successfully completed all the courses, simply apply to graduate. 

This program provides knowledge and skill development related to the business office environment, with an emphasis on computer applications. Instruction is augmented by projects that will give you a hands-on understanding of the demands and rewards of work in an office setting.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Edit and write business letters, memos and email communication;
  • Effectively use leading business software applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations, desktop publishing and Adobe to create business documents;
  • Execute office procedures such as reception, mail processing, email communication, calendaring, telephone communication, operating office equipment, task management and meeting participation;
  • Generate, maintain and retrieve manual and electronic records;
  • Use interpersonal communications in the workplace; and
  • Use automated accounting software and do basic accounting.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic emphasizes hands-on learning, especially when it comes to computer and software programs. You’ll learn to use leading office software, from word processing to accounting to email. You’ll gain practical experience through simulated office situations. You’ll practise standard office procedures, from directing telephone communications to preparing for meetings to maintaining office equipment and managing office supplies.

Learning Environment

  • 120 students in Regina, 50 students in Prince Albert and 25 students in Moose Jaw are accepted each year 
  • Students will experience lab, project work and lectures.
  • Class hours are 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. or 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. a.m. daily, dependent on the campus. It is expected that students will complete 20-30 hours of homework each week outside of class time.
  • There are many group projects that require teamwork skills
  • It is very important that students take initiative and manage their work time effectively.
  • Similar to the workplace, students are expected to attend classes. 

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Courses currently offered through part-time studies

Semester 1

Accounting (ACCT-105CE)
Business Communications 1 (BCOM-100CE)
Interpersonal Communications (BCOM-103CE)
Keyboarding 1 (CKEY-101CE)
Word Processing 1 (COAP-115CE)
Office Procedures (OPRO-100CE)
Records Management (OPRO-133CE)

Semester 2

Automated Accounting (ACCT-136CE)
Business Communications 2 (BCOM-102CE)
Keyboarding 2 (CKEY-102CE)
Word Processing 2 (COAP-116CE)
Spreadsheet Applications (COAP-117CE)
Computer Suite Applications (COAP-138CE)
Personal Management (EMPS-105CE)