New Media Communications (Part-time studies)

School of Information and Communications Technology Diploma

Program Overview

This program is being replaced with our new Interactive Design and Technology program, but it is still available to graduates of the New Media Communications certificate program.

Are you interested in website design, interactive media, digital marketing, animation, computer graphics? Do you have a creative mind, good problem-solving skills, enjoy working with computer software and hardware?

With technology literally re-inventing the way we do things (think mobile, 3D printing, social media), now is a great time to turn your interest into a full-time career. Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers a two-year New Media Communications diploma program with an optional one-year certificate program.

The first-year New Media Communications certificate program is offered full-time at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Prince Albert campus and Saskatchewan Polytechnic Regina campus, with some courses available online through distance learning. It is a generalist program, meaning you’ll get a well-rounded foundation in:

  • concept development
  • digital audio, photography and video
  • graphic creation, editing and interface design
  • management principles, analytics and usability studies
  • web page design and development
  • plus electives in writing, 2D animation, 3D modeling and animation

 In the second-year New Media Communications diploma program you’ll pursue specialized training in your choice of two of the following areas:

  • Digital Graphic Design builds knowledge and skills in creating graphics solutions (typography, raster/vector graphics, document layout, etc.) for websites, advertising and interactive media. Online.
  • Dynamic Web Development builds knowledge and skills in developing sophisticated, secure and interactive web content (e.g., dynamic web apps, e-commerce, online databases). Online.
  • Interactive Media Production builds knowledge and skills in developing interactive content for standalone (e.g., kiosks, digital signs) and integrated server-side processes (e.g., interface design, content management systems, mobile platforms). Online.

At Saskatchewan Polytechnic, You Learn By Doing

You’ll spend the majority of class time learning how to use the tools of the trade and applying your creative, problem-solving skills to assignments. You’ll build practical skills in several self-directed projects, and by participating either in a work experience or client-directed project.

State-of-the-Art Software

You’ll build skills by using the latest technology. Whether you’re keen on animation or 3D modelling and printing, website analytics or social media, Saskatchewan Polytechnic lets you learn on industry-standard software and hardware.

Build Your Portfolio Online

You’ll gain practical experience using online portfolio development. When you graduate, you should have your own domain, a professional presence and an online resume showcasing your best work.

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Courses currently offered through part-time studies

Dynamic Web Development

Introduction to Microsoft Access 1 (COMP-176CE)
Introduction to Database Design (COMP-201CE)
Server Side Scripting 2 (COMP-205CE)
E-Commerce (COMP-206CE)
Security (CSEC-200CE)
Dynamic Flash Applications (MULT-211CE)
Dynamic Web Project (PROJ-201CE)

Interactive Media Production

Audio Post Production and Effects (DGTL-200CE)
Media Codecs and Formats (DGTL-201CE)
User Interface Design (DSGN-202CE)
Introduction to DVD Authoring (MULT-203CE)
Advanced DVD Authoring (MULT-206CE)
Alternate Delivery Platforms (MULT-207CE)
Emerging Interactive Technologies (MULT-208CE)
Introduction to Learning Management Systems (MULT-209CE)
Interactive Media Project (PROJ-202CE)

Digital Graphic Design

Typography (DSGN-203CE)
Design Processes and Critical Studies (DSGN-204CE)
Portfolio Design and Presentation (EMPS-201CE)
Advanced Vector Skills (GRPH-201CE)
Introduction to Colour Management (GRPH-203CE)
Self-Promotion and Marketing (MKTG-202CE)
Introduction to Portable Document Format (pdf) (MULT-210CE)