Career Essentials (Part-time studies)

School of Business Applied Certificate

Program Overview

Career Essentials is an applied certificate program that will provide the essential tools you need to be successful in your career. Build the knowledge, skills and confidence to find a rewarding job, advance your career and increase your success in further training. Career Essentials will help you meet your goals.

During your 20-week program you will have the opportunity to:

  • build fundamental digital/computer and keyboarding skills
  • assess your skills, interests, values and personal style
  • research the occupations and jobs that most interest you
  • set meaningful and realistic career goals
  • refresh the essential skills most relevant to your career goals
  • develop the tools you need to conduct a successful job search
  • add a variety of professional development achievements to your portfolio of skills

For the final component of your Career Essentials program you will work on-site with a local employer, in exchange for training, skill development, networking, and the opportunity to be considered for current and future employment opportunities.

Career Essentials is currently offered and supported only by Skills Training Allocation (STA), or through contractual arrangements with our sponsor. Sponsored students must be unemployed or underemployed Saskatchewan residents who are legally entitled to work in Canada.

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Courses currently offered through part-time studies

Basic Computer Operation (COMP-170CE)
Introduction to Microsoft Word (COMP-171CE)
Introduction to Microsoft Excel 1 (COMP-174CE)