Power Engineering 4th Class Power Lab 2 (CE_BD-5715)

The 4th Class Power Lab 2 is the second half of the required training for students who have completed Power Lab 1. Power Labs 1 & 2 must be taken at the same location. You will manipulate steam production with the purpose of operating turbines, heat exchangers, pumps and auxiliary fuel systems in a functioning high pressure steam lab. You will receive hands-on training on plant maintenance tasks including the construction of piping systems and shaft alignment. You will have the opportunity to run a piping system using simulation. Completion of Power Labs 1 & 2 will provide the necessary experience to earn 6 month's qualifying time credit from TSASK. PRE-REQUISITE: Power Lab 1.
There are currently no offerings for this course. Please check back soon for future offerings.
Saskatchewan Polytechnic reserves the right to revise or cancel programs or make other changes as Saskatchewan Polytechnic deems necessary at any time.

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