Work-Integrated Learning

An important post-secondary experience

Canada's Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHER) is making work-integrated learning a fundamental part of the Canadian post-secondary experience. As a new organization, the BHER is aiming to strengthen partnerships among post-secondary institutions and private-sector employers.

For Saskatchewan Polytechnic, finding new ways to support and grow employer partnerships is a large part of how the institution plans on achieving its goals and vision.

"Sask Polytech is proud to be a part of the Business/Higher Education Roundtable. We know the value of work-integrated learning and employer connections, for our students, industry and the province. We are passionate about advancing new ways for employers to partner with post-secondary educational institutions," says Dr. Larry Rosia, president and CEO and a BHER member. "We leverage employer relationships to give students the best education and hands-on work experience possible. We are excited to share our expertise and applied research experience at the roundtable."

Launched in 2015, BHER is a partner initiative of the Business Council of Canada and represents a select group of Canada's largest companies and leading post-secondary institutions. BHER works to support young Canadians as they transition from education to the workplace, strengthen research collaboration between industry and institutions, and help Canadian employers as they adapt to the economy of the future. Governor General David Johnston serves as the BHER's Honorary Patron.

Sask Polytech looks forward to continuing to share best practices, working with employers and advocating for the work-integrated learning opportunities in post-secondary across Canada. As a BHER member, Sask Polytech actively encourages the growth and development of work-integrated learning programs moving beyond traditional co-ops and internships. Some programs being developed include capstone projects, hackathons, industry challenges, mentorship programs and boot camps.

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