PLAR Process

PLAR is available to individuals who seek course or program level certification assessment and are registered in a Saskatchewan Polytechnic program.  PLAR is also available to individuals who are unclassified students and seek credit at the course level.  

  1. Consult with PLAR designated contact

    • call 1-866-467-4278 and speak with education counsellor
    • identify goals
    • discuss process and forms
    • identify courses for challenge
  2. Complete application to PLAR

  3. Schedule PLAR audit meeting

    • meet with program head/faculty
    • review the self-audit
    • determine eligibility
    • obtain approval for PLAR
  4. Develop an action plan

    • consult with program faculty responsible for each PLAR

    • confirm assessment methods & procedures
  5. Pay assessment fees

  6. Prepare for prior learning assessment

    • follow an action plan
    • review your skills and knowledge
    • collect, create and compile evidence
    • obtain validations
    • meet timelines
  7. Challenge facilitated by assessor

  8. Challenge evaluated by assessor

  9. Results submitted to Saskatchewan Polytechnic registration services

  10. Candidate notified of results

    1. Successful: Your academic transcript will be updated
    2. Not successful: You will receive a letter.
      • consult with your program head
      • register for the course
      • grade appeal process is available