Institute for Nursing Scholarship

The Institute for Nursing Scholarship (INS) supports faculty in the Saskatchewan Polytechnic School of Nursing in achieving their scholarly development goals and aspirations.

Through the INS faculty can access support for publication and presenting, grant and funding applications, and request in-service sessions on a variety of scholarly topics. The INS also serves as a hub for research networking and allows faculty to connect with potential research partners within the Saskatchewan Polytechnic community and beyond.


The INS will create a network to support excellence in the exploration, generation, critique, dissemination and application of contemporary healthcare, nursing practice and teaching knowledge. The vision of the INS is to contribute to the delivery of quality healthcare to patients, families and communities in Saskatchewan.

The INS will reflect a culture of scholarship that is innovative, creative and collaborative and that seeks to provide leadership for, and engage in partnerships with regional, national and international healthcare and nursing communities. The INS will contribute to moving contemporary knowledge of nursing and healthcare forward in ways that are innovative, practical, feasible, effective and efficient.