Instructional and Leadership Development Centre

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes the importance of developing and enriching the instructional and academic leadership roles of faculty through formal and well-integrated orientation, preparation, mentoring, and continuing instructor development programs. Faculty preparation and ongoing development programs are considered essential in advancing the values, norms and practices of a teaching and learning culture.

The Instructional and Leadership Development Centre (ILDC) team develops, organizes and delivers faculty instructional and leadership initiatives. The centre's aim is to design, sustain and strengthen teaching, learning and leadership practices across Saskatchewan Polytechnic. This is accomplished through:

  • developing subject matter expertise for teaching;
  • providing instructor support mechanisms;
  • integrating technology in instructional practice;
  • ongoing personal professional development plans for faculty;
  • supporting a professional community of practice; and
  • more.

Learning Commons

The ILDC is located in the Learning Commons within each of Saskatchewan Polytechnic's four campus cities.

The Learning Commons function as physical spaces to promote the collegiality and mentoring of faculty. This includes providing available teaching resources for faculty and a place to consult with each other and reflect on best practices in teaching and learning.

The ILDC collaborates with Learning Technologies to support instructors with integrating technology in the classroom.