Tri-Council Compliant Research Ethics Board

Research Ethics Board

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Research Ethics Board (REB) reviews and approves research involving human participants. Before starting a research study, the REB must review all research involving human participants.
approval. This is true for both funded and unfunded research. Our REB uses the TCPS2 as a guide.

The Process

Step 1

As an applicant, your first step is to complete the TCPS2 Course on Research Ethics tutorial to determine if your proposal is research. This tutorial will help applicants familiarize themselves with the TCPS2 and consider the ethical implications of their research. The tutorial is interactive and should take about two hours to complete (can be completed in various sections). Once complete, the applicant will get a certificate to append to their application. 

Step 2

To determine if your research requires a review, please review our Guide for Determining if Ethics Approval is Required (pdf) and check TCPS2 articles 2.1 and 2.2. If a review is required, complete an Application for Ethics Review (pdf). If your application is deemed minimal risk (TCPS2, article 2.8B and 6.12) a delegated review (two members of the REB) will be undertaken. Please expect 10-15 working days to receive our reviewer comments. 

Step 3

If the proposal is deemed to be above minimal risk, or would benefit from other REB members advice, the proposal will undergo a full board review and you may be asked to attend a meeting. If necessary, external reviewers may be sought. 

Note: If you already have approval for the proposal from another institute, your application will undergo an expedited review process. The review will be completed by the REB chair or a lead reviewer.

For more information please contact Jacquelynn Brown at


No research with human participants shall begin before approval is received from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic REB. Research protocols must have a Certificate that is valid for one year. Please contact the REB if you would like to renew (pdf) your certificate, if there are any adverse events (pdf) (report within one business day) or if you have modified (pdf) your proposal. 

Applications are reviewed by the Tri-Council Compliant Research Ethics Board

Natasha Hubbard Murdoch PhD(c) (Chair)
SCBScN School of Nursing
Saskatoon Campus

Dr. Madeline Press
SCBScN, School of Nursing
Saskatoon campus

Dr. Ursula Osteneck
Program Head, Continuing Care Assistant
Prince Albert Campus

Lance Wall
Instructor, BioScience Technology Program
Saskatoon Campus

Dr. Dustin Resch
Governance and Privacy Specialist
Moose Jaw Campus

Dr. Sarah Kostiuk-Linford
SCBScN School of Nursing
Regina Campus