Natural Resources Applied Research

Natural Resources Applied Research

Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers Natural Resources Applied Research services to complement projects that examine the health of fish and wildlife populations and/or the status and sustainability of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. These services harness the academic expertise and leading-edge technology that exemplify Saskatchewan Polytechnic's three Natural Resources programs:

  1. Geographic Information Science for Resource Management - Certificate
  2. Integrated Resource Management - Diploma
  3. Resource and Environmental Law - Diploma

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Natural Resources Applied Research services provide industry partners with the technological tools and analytical expertise that can propel them toward greater understanding and enhancement of the natural environment.

This initiative is facilitated through the Office of Applied Research and Innovation (OARI) as one focus of Saskatchewan Polytechnic's strategic applied research, congruent with Saskatchewan engines for growth and prosperity.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic natural resources faculty and researchers specialize in:

  • Fish and wildlife population assessment
  • Aquatic and terrestrial environmental effects monitoring
  • Pollution control and mitigation
  • Forest health, silviculture and mensuration
  • Rangeland management
  • Reclamation and remediation
  • Geographic positioning systems (GPS) survey technology
  • Geographic information systems (GIS) mapping and analysis
  • Investigation and field forensic techniques
  • Aboriginal resource rights

Industry-driven research projects capitalize on Saskatchewan Polytechnic's:

  • Field equipment for aquatic habitat assessment, fish and benthic macroinvertebrate collection and water-quality sampling
  • Capacity to assess terrestrial habitats and conduct rare plant and wildlife population surveys
  • Capacity for audio detection of amphibians, birds and bats; trapping of mammals; banding and tagging of birds; and documenting wildlife population movements
  • Laboratory facilities for microscopy, plant and animal identification; large mammal necropsy; and sonogram analysis
  • Advanced GPS survey technology that includes base-station correction capabilities for precise positioning
  • State-of-the-art hardware and software (ARCMAP) for remote sensing (LIDAR, SPOT, RADARSAT), mapping, analysis and hard-copy production

In addition, Saskatchewan Polytechnic OARI provides research management services, ensuring an industry-focused engagement process:

  • Industry-oriented intellectual property policy
  • Non-disclosure and strict confidentiality of partners’ information
  • Research ethics and integrity oversight
  • Project management and technology transfer support
  • Business and market intelligence