Saskatchewan Polytechnic Digital Integration Research Group (DIReG)

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Digital Integration Research Group (DIReG)

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic Digital Integration Research Group (DIReG) develops and implements tech-savvy solutions for industry. DIReG is a logical extension of Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Computer Systems Technology program, which is accredited by the Canadian Information Processing Society.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic's DIReG helps industry partners identify and develop digital and technological tools that advance business innovation and efficiency.

This initiative is facilitated through Saskatchewan Polytechnic as one focus of Saskatchewan Polytechnic's strategic applied research, congruent with Saskatchewan engines for growth and prosperity.

DIReG instructors and researchers specialize in:

  • Mobile application programming
  • Website development
  • Database administration
  • N-tier business application programming
  • Server and network administration
  • Networking and hardware support
  • Project management

Industry-driven research projects capitalize on DIReG's:

  • Six software development labs, which boast the latest in integrated development environments and software packages
  • Networking and hardware support lab, with its wide range of computers, servers, printers, monitors and routing equipment
  • Server rooms with both Linux- and Windows-based server architectures
  • Capacity to turn raw data into reports, graphs and other tangible results for improved scheduling and other efficiencies
  • Tracking technology for streamlining inventory control and asset management
  • Expertise in designing customized, interactive training tools

In addition, Saskatchewan Polytechnic guarantees appropriate research management services, ensuring an industry-focused engagement process:

  • Industry-oriented intellectual property policy
  • Non-disclosure and strict confidentiality of partners’ information
  • Research ethics and integrity oversight
  • Project management and technology transfer support
  • Business and market intelligence