Power Eng/4 Class Power Lab 1 (ENGP-1802)

You will learn the major components of a steam plant, participate in the start up of the equipment which is similar to that used in industry, learn about and practice the various types of maintenance required to keep plant equipment functioning in a safe workplace. You will also perform water testing and chemical treatment. You will be introduced to the operation of computer controlled systems used to operate plant equipment. The 4th Class Power Lab 1 is the first half of the required lab training for students to earn 6 months of 4th class qualifying time credit from TSASK. Students will need to complete Power Lab 2 at the same location. Pre-requisites are completion of an approved 4th class program or passing both the part A & B TSASK 4th class certification exams. Space is limited.
Saskatchewan Polytechnic reserves the right to revise or cancel programs or make other changes as Saskatchewan Polytechnic deems necessary at any time.

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