Essential Skills & TOWES Admin (SEM-1828)

As the exclusive distributor of TOWES tests and resources in Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Polytechnic is responsible for test materials, ensuring proper test administration and test security. This workshop includes information on these areas of responsibility and an opportunity for you to become qualified to administer TOWES in your organization. In this interactive and practical workshop, participants will learn about: * Essential Skills and why the Government of Canada/ESDC has invested heavily in the development of learning resources and assessments * How to utilize the database of essential skills job profiles * TOWES, an assessment that measures three important Essential Skills * Learning resources and tools that can be used to strengthen Essential Skills levels in learners and employees As part of the workshop, participants will complete a TOWES assessment and be provided with their confidential test results.

For more information about this course, please email us at or call 306-659-4418.