Catch Your Career Dream

“I am doing exactly what I want to do.”
Kayla Marie Poitras
Hometown: Saskatoon SK
Program: Early Childhood Education certificate

Kayla Marie Poitras was a young person who had ambition but needed a plan: “I didn’t want to stop my education at high school, and I always wanted to work with children and learn how they develop.”

She first learned about SIAST through a friend, then investigated its programs and saw that SIAST offered exactly what she was looking for in career training. Poitras’s attitude and goals made her a perfect candidate for the Early Childhood Education program offered at SIAST Kelsey Ave W Centre in Saskatoon. Today she reflects, “I learned so much. It makes me want to go further now and sign up for the diploma program as soon as possible.”

As a single mother to a two-year-old, Kayla realizes how her life and priorities have shifted in recent years: “Throughout my training, family and friends all supported me. Now I will be working with children and able to make a better life for me and my son. This program has opened many doors and will improve my future.”