Cornell Estwick

Catch Your Career Dream

"The best advice I can give is: stay out of trouble and listen to your family."
Cornell Estwick, Welding certificate
Hometown: Sandy Bay SK

Cornell Estwick recognized early on that post-secondary education would be the best way to keep his life steady and on track: “I wanted to continue on with school right after high school without a break so I did not get into trouble.”

Estwick had a few different options available to him at that point, but one held particular appeal. He enrolled in Welding at SIAST Woodland Campus in Prince Albert, a natural progression considering he’d been welding at school since grade 9. As for eventual employment, he plans to capitalize on the resource boom in Saskatchewan and use his trade in a mine.

In adjusting to post-secondary education, Estwick found support in SIAST student services and elsewhere: “I have had to overcome both learning and speech difficulties. The encouragement from my family, my instructors and my Aboriginal Student Achievement Plan (ASAP) advisor were all very helpful.” Math was quite a struggle but with help from tutors and fellow students he graduated. “The best things about school were the instructors helping me and the students who are now my friends.”

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