Catch Your Career Dream

Amanda Lynn Petit

Amanda Lynn Petit went back to school to enable what she recognized as her true calling in life: being a helper. “I love working with people,” says the outgoing Métis woman from Buffalo Narrows. “I chose the Addictions program at SIAST Woodland Campus because I wanted to help others. I also wanted to become a more effective communicator and a stronger role model, and learn to be a better person overall.”

Petit acknowledges that although her Métis background carries a sense of support and help no matter where she is, she sometimes gets lonely so far from home. She misses the immediate closeness of family, who “always want to hear about my accomplishments and how school is going.”

However, she points out that “Strong support and encouragement come from my instructors. They not only guide me along the way but also help me find a way to be me. The motto I have found that works best for me is ‘Just do it and take the risk.’ The instructors are very motivational, inspiring and real. I appreciate their consistency, dedication and overall passion. With these supports, I find I do keep going and never give up.”

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